Tweet Tweet~for Wednesday Writing Essential ~ Onomatopoeia


The same  thirsty crow

Said caw caw! sitting in backyard

tweeted my son is arriving today

hiccups whispered to my heart.


Ticktack! the clock struck ten

The lamp went clang

 Bang Bang! Someone’s at the door

Humming, jingle all the way.


Boom, snap, crackle

The thunder starts

Achoo! God bless you my boy

Ha ha happy, Ho ho ho holidays





Wednesday’s Prompt: Add two or more examples of onomatopoeia into your post. Post poetry, prose, a memoir, nonfiction, or an essay

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I believe in creating happiness through my positive energies. I dislike to find it in all the wrong places.In the end the only things that matter is who you help and who you hurt.

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