Twenty UFOs Seen In Cape Coral, Florida (Video)

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For quite a while now UFOs have been spotted flying above Cape Coral, Florida. More were seen during the Coconut Festival on the night of November 13 by resident Jeremy Rebstock who took a video of them on his cell phone. Another resident, Bob Buehler, spotted them too as he and his wife were leaving the festival.

According to Fox 4 Now Buehler said, “Up in he air I would say 20 of them, a little group of 3 or 4.”

This witness never saw anything like it before and is so shocked that that he’s started a Facebook page about it.

Others saw the flying crafts as well like Cape resident Eric Sellers. He also took a video of them but it was taken the night after the Coconut Festival near Santa Barbara.

The city’s event coordinator, Todd King, has heard about the sightings and said, “I’m hoping that they were able to get a ticket. I believe we had a spectacular show and they probably had a great time.”

For well over a year many unidentified flying objects have been seen flying in the Cape Coral skies. Some witnesses have called these bright orange objects “mother ships.” A video was taken of one of these ships on September 22 of this year.

Is something strange going on in Cape Coral that would cause all these sightings? It can’t just be the Coconut Festival that attracted 20 UFOs to the area.

Is this a mother ship flying above Florida on September 22? Were more spotted two nights ago during the Coconut Festival?

Keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.

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