Twilight Breaking Dawn To Get Steamy: Which Star Is Almost Baring It All?

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Well, this could be the moment that all Twihards have been investing their time and money into the films for. The intimate moments between Bella and Edward are to intensify in Breaking Dawn leaving one star nearly completely nude. Who is taking it almost all off?

41966, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Thursday June 24, 2010. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison at the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Los Angeles premiere held at the Nokia Live Theater, Los Angeles. Photograph: Tuukka Jantti,

E! Online has all the details on the upcoming film, which will be sporting a PG-13 rating. The last Twilight movies are promising more sex and much, much more skin. Wonder how many young Twilight fans will be out in the cold when their parents refuse to let them see the steamier last installments of the series?

Reports are saying that the script is calling for a great deal of nudity on Kristen’s part. “The script actually has Kristen practically naked in it, a lot,” ‘fesses a source who took a peek at the script.

This alone could both harm the movie’s sales and boost them to huge proportions. Among the younger crowd this could potentially hurt sales. Most parents would hesitate to take their kids to a movie where it’s known to have nudity and a great deal of sex. Older Twilight fans likely will flock to see the movie for the same reasons the younger ones will be standing outside wishing they were taking it in.

Director Bill Condon has pretty much been given free reign how he will take the scripted nude scenes. Obviously you won’t see Stewart’s bod actually end up on the big screen, (remember as our source emphasizes “rating is key”), but Condon is the type of director who likes to keep it real, shoot it real, then edit it in a way that is über-hot when it hits theaters.

Will this please Twihard fans? Well, it might please half of them. The other half will be wishing that the script had sunk it’s teeth into Robert Pattinson and called for him to take it off as well. It does only seem fair that if one goes skin the other should, too, right? No double standards allowed for vampires either!

What do you think of the news that Bella will show a great deal of skin and Edward remains conservative? Is it fitting, unfair or awkward? Would you take your young teen (or younger) kid to see this movie? Why or why not? Weigh in below.

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