Twilight: Eclipse Soundtrack Revealed – One Track At A Time… (LINK)

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Plenty of people have been waiting for news of the official soundtrack to the new Twilight: Eclipse movie hitting theaters next month. Not least are the musicians who are hoping to strike gold with what should be a lock to make a song go platinum at the very least.

Among the rumored artists who are holding their breath for a shot at the gold mine are Adam Lambert and Lady GaGa. But Fanfario? Sia?

I’m not down on those names but it won’t matter for long. The official soundtrack is being released today by Summit Entertainment on their MySpace page – one track at a time!

Talk about milking publicity! The strategy is to release a new track on the list every half hour and so far 8 of the 15 total tracks have been revealed.

So far no Adam lambert or Lady G but it looks like there is a madness behind the method as the lesser known immortals are being revealed first – so there’s still hope!

Check out the current list here and keep your fingers crossed. Our Adam Lambert needs this boost to send his career into orbit – a little earlier than expected.

One thing is for sure… it’s only the beginning!

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