‘Twilight’ Replacing Religion for Teens?

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A study out of Denmark finds that movies like Twilight are replacing traditional religion in the lives and minds of teenagers when it comes to grappling with the big questions in life.

Since the franchise is the biggest example of mass media in the lives of teenagers, it gets the poster boy spot.

But the study, conducted by Danish researcher Line Nybro Petersen of the University of Copenhagen’s film and media department, finds that other series’ like True Blood and basically anything with metaphysical characters like vampires and werewolves seem to be more relatable to the average teen than stories from the Bible or any religious involvement.

“Being a ‘Twilight‘ fan allows the teenagers to engage in very intense emotional experiences,” Petersen says.

“You can almost get the sense that these are transcendental emotions, the feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself in a semireligious way.”

This is big news, but not too surprising.

After all, how can religious figures compete with Edward Cullen on a daily basis when the books, movies, and all other forms of mass media are absolutely glutted by the so-called “saga”?

Still, it does show that it’s teens who are most affected, and that’s the time when some of the most introspective thinking goes on in a person’s life. Attachments are made which fade just a few short years later as the mind and heart develop into adulthood.

So let’s hear it for Team Jesus!

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