Twilight Tour of Forks andLa Push, Washington

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I recently went on a group tour of the Olympic National Park in Washington, and while I was expecting magnificent waterfalls, lonely sweeps of beaches, moss-covered trees and general gloriousness, what I wasn’t expecting was the steadily increasing popularity of Forks among family travelers. It’s all because of the Twilight books and movies, of course; Stephanie Meyers set her vampire romance series in and around Forks, and now teenage girls are begging to visit.

Fortunately for their bewildered parents (some of whom may actually also be Twilight fans but keep that info on the down low), there’s a guided tour of the Forks area called Dazzled by Twilight. Check out that link; there’s a short video of some of the Twilight Tour. Who knows? Your family might be next to book a trip to the Olympic National Park! There’s this organized Twilight tour, and one in Italy for New Moon as well.


In all truth, I’m not a giant fan of the vampire romance genre, but I respect anything that gets people reading. And traveling. The Olympic National Park is a wonderful place to see, vampires or not.

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