Twisted Shorties – Doing the Numbers and Downloading

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Those of you following Twisted Shorties will know of the campaign to get it best seller status on Smashwords.

Part of that campaign was to get front page (or close to front page) ranking in terms of review ratings. We were really close to that goal up until a day ago:11 5-star reviews got it to page nine on the free rankings and page 22 or so on the total rankings.

Unfortunately the twelfth review was four stars, not five.

Fair enough, it was a valid and thoroughly positive review but in Smashword’s world, a 4.93 average over twelve reviews can get trumped by 5 average from 1 review.

If I could play poker using those sort of rules, I’d be a millionaire.

That’s pushed Twisted Shorties rating from ninth page, to bloody-hell-I-didn’t think-I-could-count-that-high page and put it back to square one in terms of visibility.

That’s the nature of publishing, I guess. Thing is, there are a lot of talented writers featured who deserve as big an audience as we can raise, and the only way we’re gonna raise it now, is to get people downloading.

So, if you haven’t already, go to the Twisted Shorties page on Smashwords and download a copy. Spam your family and friends, post on facebook, hassle your co-workers, mention it to Santa in your Christmas list, and ask them to do the same. It is free, so it costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. In return you get to read some really, really good work.

We may get trumped in review ranking but we can get the word out that here is a book that deserves our support.

This is the link to use and spam to your friends:

P.S. This advertisement is approved by Pam Brittain, the reason Twisted Shorties exists in the first place. At least I hope it is. Otherwise, I’m in trouble.

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