Twisted Shorties II – Guidelines – New Category and clarifications

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We have added in General Fiction to the categories for submission.  We also have better clarified the rules and guidelines.  Please feel free to let me know if you have questions which we haven’t made clear.

For those of you that have already submitted and misunderstood the guidelines, please feel free to switch submissions.


This book will be rated PG13. Your submissions will need to include the Agreement you will find below these guidelines. The submission form along with this agreement will be emailed to you upon your request. Submission of your writing constitutes acceptance of the Agreement as set forth below and as included in your submission. Send me a Gather email, including your regular email address and let me know you’re interested in submitting your work. Please put the words “Twisted Shorties II” in your subject line.

The guidelines are:

All submissions will be edited by our committee, consisting of Len Maxwell, John Beck, and Greg Schiller. A.F. Stewart will do the final format and publishing for us. James T. will do the book cover.


The cutoff date for submissions will be May 15, 2013. You must be a Gather member in order to submit your work.

The book will be separated by genre:

1) Romance

2) Sci-Fi

3) Children’s Stories

4) Humor

5) Fantasy

6) Horror

7)  General Fiction

8) Poetry

(Note, poetry can also be scattered throughout the book based on the category you chose.)

Your short story can be written in any fashion, including poetry.

Number of submissions per author. (Note, the maximum of submissions per author may all be accepted for the book).

Total word count per author is 5,000 or fewer words (inclusive of all submissions).  I’ll allow a little wiggle room.  Only 5 submissions per author are allowed.  Example:  3 submissions of 1000 words plus one submission of 2000 words are fine.  Another example would be 3 submissions of 1500 words.  Mix them up any way you like, but remember, 5000 words or fewer (inclusive of all submissions) and only 5 submissions per author.  Please ask questions.

Word format is required.  The form will be emailed to your regular address and you must complete all the blanks.

Type style must be Arial, font must be 12.

No bold is to be used.

All submissions, including poetry must be left justified.

Pictures, photos, or any type of graphics will not be accepted.

(Per A.F. Stewart, after Smashwords puts the book through its meat-grinder, it may be changed without our consent. We are striving for a book with consistent formatting and minimizing the changes Smashwords may make).

Your story must be your own work and there can be no plagiarizing.

Your work must stand on its own. If your piece is a creation in response to a challenge, please make that clear so that a reader won’t be confused.

Your work must not have been previously published in a publication copyrighted by a person other than yourself.

After the committee has edited each story, suggested editing will be sent to the individual author. Be prepared for criticism. Most of the suggested changes have to do with grammar. The author may then accept the changes or withdraw the submission. (There may be a little wiggle room here, depending on your responses to the suggested changes.)

When this anthology is in its finality, it will be sent to each submitter and you will be given a one week chance to withdraw your work.


Twisted Shorties – Agreement

I hereby submit my short story for you use in the creation and publication for your anthology entitled, Twisted Shorties II and I agree to the following:

I cannot and will not hold you liable for any reason.

I understand that I will receive suggested editing changes and will be requested to make the changes and resubmit my work. If the suggested changes are unacceptable to me, I am free to withdraw my submission.

You have my full authority to include my attached short story(s) in your anthology and I understand I will be paid no consideration for my story(s) in your anthology.

I understand that you may copyright the book as a whole, but I will retain full copyrights to my attached work and can publish my work elsewhere. I provide you only non-exclusive rights to the attached work.

I understand that it is your intent to publish this book on Smashwords and the price of the book will be $0.00.



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