Twisted Shorties II Update

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As many of you know, Gather writers got together and created a couple of free anthologies, Twisted Shorties and the recently released Twisted Shorties II.

Well, the second book is off to a nice start with 206 downloads on Smashwords and we are on the first page in some of their book categories.  It’s also shipped out to all the online stores Smashwords distributes to, and it’s up on Kobo and Sony already; hopefully it will show up in the rest soon.  (And now on Barnes and Noble.)

We could use a few more reviews, so you readers out there please review it if you are able, on Smashwords and its Goodreads page as well.

Here are the pages:




Also any Twisted Shorties author that has books or a profile on Goodreads, please let me know (if you haven’t already), so I can add you to the author list on the book’s Goodreads page.

And when you share this book (because why wouldn’t you) on Twitter or Facebook, I created a hashtag for you to use in your posts: #TSII


Fifty of Gather’s writers took part in Twisted Shorties II and produced some great stories and poems, so enjoy.


Here’s the link to our YouTube Trailer:


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