Twisted Shorties is moving on up

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You all know how grateful I am to Len Maxwell, John Beck and Greg Schiller (the real editors of Twisted Shorties) for their many hours of editing all of the wonderful submissions we received.  I’m also grateful to James T. for designing the cover.

I would like to give special thanks and applause to A. F. Stewart.  I have no idea how many hours she put into the publication of this book, but even the cover shows up in my Kindle.  She’s linked everything and is now working on getting it into Smashwords premium catalogue.  Anita recently did a post and if you click here, you’ll see all the other things she’s done for us.  Anita, you rock!!!!

The good news it that we now have seven 5 star reviews and that’s moved us up to page 22 from 2,317 pages (about 10 books per page).  This was for highest rated, any price and any length.

For the list of free ones, we moved up from page 683 to page 3 for any length – highest rated.  So, it looks like reviews do count.  I am hoping we see more 5 star reviews.  You guys rock!


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