Twitter Adds New ‘Tweet Button” Goodie (Video)

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A sweet new goodie was added to Twitter today and endorsed by partnership with Tweetmeme who introduced the concept over a year ago – unofficially.

The goodie tool, called the ‘Tweet Button’ gives bloggers and publishers the ability to allow content to be Tweeted directly from a web page without having to open up a separate window. So long as you are logged into your Twitter account, clicking the Tweet Button instantly updates your Twitter account with an in-window pop-up which also allows a short message to be added.

Twitter has set up a new page at to create the individual code which offers the option and by simpled embedding the code in your web page viewers are able to use the utility with just a few simple, in page clicks.

Don’t believe it? Check this out:

Now that’s what anybody would call a sweet Tweet Button!

For a more detailed look at how the Tweet Button works and can be set up, watch this official Twitter video.

And don’t forget to Tweet!



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