Twitter and Lady Gaga Hit High Notes Together, Dangdut Not Far Behind?

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Twitter and Lady Gaga appear to be joined at the fingertips, and that makes 25 million fingertips to be exact, since that’s the latest count of how many Twitter followers the pop icon now boasts.

The news that she is the reigning queen of “#25milliontweetymonsters” has to make the unusual singer ecstatic in light of her recent difficulties in Indonesia, of course.

And what’s up with that intolerance? Surely Indonesia has seen other acts from the U.S. and elsewhere that they have felt were more risqué than hers. In fact, Fox News is reporting today that the act “dangdut” is far more risqué than Lady Gaga has ever been, and those shows are a common occurrence in Indonesia.

The singer in that group straddles her speakers, licks her microphone and thrusts a gyrating pelvis that Elvis would be proud of, and all while encased in a bustier and panties meant to titillate her audience.

And the “Born This Way” singer is too on the edge compared to that?

Dangdut’s Titan Karisma boasts a million YouTube views, so woe to the “Born This Way” voice if her adversary ever takes to Twitter. But for now it isn’t Dangdut ruling the Internet super highway social media machine; it’s the Queen of Twitter and her #25milliontweetymonsters.

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