‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Jon Cryer Going Bald: Wearing a Toupee?

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Does Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer wear a hair piece? That’s the speculation now that the actor’s been photographed balding and with a full head of hair—on the same day. Pictures show Cryer with a visibly thinning hairline and crown on the morning of the 2011 Emmy Awards. And a few hours later, he sported much thicker hair during his Emmys appearance. Forget the mystery surrounding Charlie Harper’s death (Rose totally pushed him); this is the real storyline! Call it the case of the mysteriously disappearing (and reappearing) hair.

File:JonCryerHWOFSept2011.jpgFace it, Jon Cryer is going bald. Don’t believe it? The UK’s Daily Mail published photos of Jon (with balding head) participating in the Malibu Triathlon on Sunday, September 18, 2011. That evening, he appeared at the Emmys with a perfectly coiffed head of hair. What gives? If it’s a toupee, it’s a pretty good one. Spray on hair? If so, also impressive and not noticeable. And is anyone out there thrown just a bit by the thought of dear Duckie from Pretty in Pink going bald? Bet Blane McDonough isn’t bald… but Andie still picked the wrong guy!

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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