Two and a Half Men To Continue Without Charlie Sheen?

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CBS has been taking a pretty big hit since halting production on Two and a Half Men earlier this month. Now, the powers that be at CBS are considering a show minus troubled star Charlie Sheen.

After many fans had speculated on whether or not the show would be better off without Sheen, it seems that parent company CBS has been thinking the same thing.

CBS has reportedly been quietly conducting focus groups, to see if the show could survive, if he was let go. The groups seem to agree that Two and a Half Men could still be a funny and viable show, should Sheen not be among the cast.

“Would the show take a big hit? Yes, but if they found the right person to replace him it would survive and maybe even grow,” an insider told PopEater.

This is a drastic turn around from what they were reporting earlier by saying that the show would cease to exist, should Sheen pull out for any reason. This statement that Sheen was the be-all and end-all for the show struck many as wrong. After all, isn’t the show comprised of more than just one man? Why put so much stock and the entire show’s fate in the hands of the one man who cannot get his life straight to report to work? It would seem that this move to consider production without him was long overdue.

As always, however, it’s a game of numbers for the network that has lost quite a bit of revenue since halting the show for Charlie’s rehab stint.

CBS stock dropped about 7 percent, putting CBS’s $155 million in ads for the show in danger. Charging advertisers more than $200,000 for a 30-second spot during the show–about $3 million an episode–is money CBS doesn’t want to lose because of one out-of-control actor.

Nothing personal, Charlie, but it seems that the numbers speak louder than your star power. As the saying goes, shape up or ship out!

What do you think of the show continuing on without Charlie? Would it still be a viable hit for you or would it flop? Weigh in below.

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