‘Two and a Half Men’ To Shoot in Front of Live Audience

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Two and a Half Men is set to resume production and it’s reportedly going to start next month with the remaining four shows filmed in front of a live audience.

According to a report out by TMZ, the show has decided to film the show in front of the live audience despite rumors that Sheen’s scenes were going to be filmed without the audience members present – just in case something happened.

Can you imagine the level of tension that will have to be in the air upon his return? No one knows if he’s going to nail it or if there will be a scene made – and not the kind of scene that’s been scripted, either. It’ll be a packed house for the first taping since production was halted, too. Every ticket has been handed out, and no cancellations are expected.

Is this move a sign of good feelings among the producers or are they waiting for Sheen to flub up so that they can give him his walking papers? On one hand it’s quite possible they do have faith that he can pull off the scenes and that he’s ready to do this. On the other hand, they have been considering the show’s future without him, and this could be their way of ‘trapping’ Charlie in the midst of his errors ready in the wings with his pink slip.

What do you think? Are they waiting for him to slip up or are they truly sure that Charlie can do this? Weigh in below.

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