Two and Three Letter Words (for Preschoolers!)

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Hello, I'm starting to put together a curriculum for my son for us to do at home prior to him going to school. I've checked around our area and it's going to cost me over $900 to put him in PUBLIC preschool next year, or around $150 a WEEK for a private preschool! I've decided to homeschool him for preschool. I'm getting February's stuff done this month. He'd be starting preschool this up coming schol year, so we'll see how this does til then and see if he really needs to go to the "REAL" preschool or not!

So, first question for you all to help me with!

I'm making sight words, spelling words and reading words for him. I need 2, 3 and maybe a few 4 letter words. Any help will….help! lol…

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