Two Bodies Found Believed to Be Missing Father and Daughter

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Two bodies found Saturday on a mountain in Colorado are believed to be those of a missing father and daughter. The two went hiking but never returned.

Family and friends have been worried sick for days–now this news comes out, which is the worst possible. Since the two hikers were expected to return, but failed to, family and friends likely saw this coming, but one always wants to hold out hope for their loved ones to be found alive and return home safely. How terrible that their nightmare has now turned into reality.

The bodies were found at 12,000 feet of the 14,000 foot mountain, about 500 feet off the main trail, “one mile from the summit of Missouri Mountain.” While their identities have not yet been confirmed, according to Chaffee County Sheriff Pete Palmer, “authorities believe with high confidence that the bodies are those of Dr. Michael von Gortler of Boulder and his daughter Makana von Gortler, 20.”

There will be an autopsy performed on Sunday to determine their cause of death.

This is very sad news, obviously, for their family and friends. It is extremely likely that the two bodies found are, in fact, the missing father and daughter. Apparently, the father, an emergency room doctor, was known for traveling off-trail. His family and friends said he was an experienced hiker. What went wrong?

Makana texted her boyfriend on June 21 to let him know she and her father were going to Missouri Mountain for a day hike. That was the last anyone heard from either of the two hikers. They were supposed to return home on June 23.

Now, instead of two hikers returning home, there were two bodies found dead. What a tragedy. Hopefully the autopsy will provide some much-needed answers to their death. May prayers be extended to the friends and family of these two hikers.

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