Two-Buck Chuck Is No Longer Two Bucks

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Two-Buck Chuck is no longer two dollars, ladies and gentlemen! This news might not be a harsh one for all those wine connoisseurs who prefer higher class wine, but the regular housewife or just people that love to have their daily glass of wine at home for a very decent price might think of this news as devastating!

A Whole Lotta Two Buck ChuckThere were different reports on the wine, and its price going up. The Drinks Business reported on Thursday that the wine made by Charles Shaw was going up in price to $2.49. It also stated that it was going up even higher, up to $3.79, in other states.

Well, lucky for California winos that the up-price is only .50 cents!

On another report, ABC News stated on Thursday, as well, that only California is going to be affected with this horrible wine news. It reports that the same price of $2.49, but it mentions that only Californians will see this tragic change.

Anyway, the price took effect on January 26, and, surprisingly, wine lovers have not rioted yet. The wine does not have a reputation of being bad despite its name referring to the cheap price.

The reason for the raising of the price is due to bad harvests in the last two years. Before, Charles Shaw maintained the low price because the company owns 18,000 hectares of vineyard and allowing insulation of huge amounts of grapes.

The nice price of $1.99 lasted 11 years according to both articles. It was a good run for Trader Joe’s who sold 5 million cases of Two-Buck Chuck wine a year.

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