Two Corey’s Star Corey Haim Dead of Apparent Drug Overdose

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Corey Haim seems to have lost his long battle with drugs. The 38-year-old actor was taken to a hospital in  Burbank, California where he was pronounced dead early this morning, according to a police sergeant. It appears to be an accidental drug overdose.

Haim made somewhat of a resurgence in his career a few years back with “the other Corey,” Corey Feldman. The two had appeared in numerous movies together back in the 80s, and both seemed just as troubled, and although they were once the best of friends, had a major falling out. A few years before they reunited for the reality show, The Two Coreys, Haim claimed to be clean and sober, but Feldman stated he refused to work with Haim anymore until he was fully recovered from his addiction, and the series was cancelled partway through the second season.

Haim continued mounting his comeback, although not with the Lost Boys sequel, like he had suspected. The two Coreys appeared in The Lost Boys together back in the 80s and were to reunite in the sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe, but Haim never appeared onscreen until the end of the movie. There were also talks for an additional sequel which would have the characters of both actors squaring off against each other.

Haim appeared in the film Shark City which premiered in 2009, and was to be in two films scheduled to be released this year, The Pick Up and SAD (Standard American Diet).

Every one of those stars on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House needs to take a hard look at themselves. This could be them.

Check out the interview with Corey Feldman from the time the second season of The Two Coreys was airing.

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