Two Felicia Garcia Bullies Suspended, but Football Players Remain Unpunished—Why?

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Two teens who bullied Felicia Garcia have been suspended from school following the suicide that took place on Wednesday. Felicia endured unbearable bullying at the hands of fellow Tottenville High School students in Staten Island.

According to a person who claims to have inside knowledge about the situation, two boys have been disciplined for their role in bullying Felicia. However, these two boys were not on the school’s football team, which several students have fingered for the worst of the bullying. “The dismissed students were not on the school’s team. These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives,” reports the insider.

So far, none of the football players have been disciplined for their part in the bullying. Why? New details have emerged in the case and apparently, Felicia did something stupid and paid with her life. She reportedly had sex with four members of the football team after a game. The players admit to the sex, but say it was consensual. Was the video consensual? Apparently, somebody videotaped the encounter and then shared it with the school which resulted in the harassment.

A police source explains the football players involved are essentially blameless, “They said at no time was the victim pressured into doing anything.” Seriously? Four guys have sex with one female and then blab about it and instigated the bullying, but they are not responsible? This is a joke. These guys have been identified by other students as the ones responsible for the taunting that eventually pushed Felicia Garcia to jump off that train platform.

Do not pull a “good ol’ boy” move and protect the boys on the football team. That is archaic and should not be tolerated. This poor girl suffered so much during her 15 years. She was in foster care after her parents died and had been moved from home to home. So much tragedy for one young woman to deal with all alone.

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