Two kids alone in a room/ silence is trouble

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When you have two kids in a room and no one is crying you are in trouble! I learned this the hard way, my two girls ages 3 and nine were in their room playing while daddy was watching Lord of the Rings. Anyone who has seen it knows they are pretty long pictures, any way I didn't think any thing of it the girls were quite and I was watching my movie. When it ended I went to check on them and was some what shocked and hungered by what I found. They decided they would make each other look beautiful, they did each other hair and makeup and put on dress clothes, it was all very cute, it really was right up to the point I asked my oldest Brittney what they used for hair gel? She said she didn't know Alyssa my three year old brought something in to the room and said "we can use this daddy doesn't like it" the it being Tapioca pudding!!

Keep in mind their hair was the first thing they did, do you have any idea how hard tapioca pudding gets after 3 hours? !!!! If I was a hair care producer I would bottle that stuff. Brittney's hair was standing straight up on one side the other side was as flat as a board. I freaked out I had no idea what to do I put her in the shower and tried as hard as I could but I could not get all the rice out of her hair. She went to school for three days with rice in her hair. This is no lie her teacher sent home a note and I quote

" Mr. Smith I do not know if you are aware but Brittney has some kind of growth on her hair and will not be allowed back to school until cleared by a doctor" I tried to explain it to the school and no one believed it was tapioca pudding. Not at least until I took a piece out of Brittney's hair and ate it right there in front of the school while everyone was picking up their children!! Note to all NEVER DO THAT… people have weak stomachs and will puke. As my daughters teacher did, then another parent then another in all five teachers and parents all puked, the kids most were yelling for me to do it again. The lesson is if you run out of gel do not use TAPIOCA PUDDING use Vanilla or something anything with out rice it bonds to the hair…….

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