Two Leading Ladies Leaving Gossip Girl! Are Break-Ups the Reason?

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Gossip Girl is getting a makeover.  Not one BUT two leading ladies are out. 

It’s been reported and confirmed that Taylor Momsen is packing her bags and not for Brooklyn.  Taylor’s exit is not the shocker.  In fact, Little J’s disappearance will be a welcomed change to the Upper East Side.  Jenny is so annoying…from her god-awful thick eye makeup to her stick figure slouch.  Later whiner.

The real surprise here is the exit of Jessica Szohr who plays granola (though not so granola) Vanessa.  The story line, according to E!’s resident couch potato Watch with Kristin, has Vanessa accepting a job out of the country with CNN.  So not scandalous….but what is scandalous is that this news comes on the heels of a bitter break-up between her and co-star Ed Westwick (Chuck). 

Rumors have it (pretty reliable rumors) that Jessica was caught flirting with a close friend of Ed’s while he was back home in London.  Jessica was so distraught over Ed’s reaction…obviously he dumped her…she flew to straight to London to explain the situation and beg for his forgiveness. 

All blabloids, every single one, report Ed was not having it and told her to stay away.  How far away?  Did Ed ask for her to be removed from the show?  Did she ask to be removed from the show? 

The truth will leak out sooner than later.  It always does in the entertainment business.  Stay tuned. 


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