Two Nevada Teens Die in Scuba Diving Accident

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Sadly, two Nevada high school teens died in a scuba diving accident in Monteray, California. The boys were just 17-years-old. They were from Carson City, Nevada. On Saturday, they went scuba diving with a group of 19 people. The boys did not resurface, and the search was on, but after 45-minutes, searchers found the boys at the bottom of the bay.

The boys were in an oceanography class in the Carson City School district. It is so hard to believe that this could happen to boys so young. The teens were football players on the varsity team, so they were both physically fit.

The loss is devastating to the families of the teens and to their school. It is so tragic when young people die as their lives have not reached their potential. What a shame to lose these two young, athletes. While the cause of death has not been announced, they were both in cardiac arrest when pulled from the water. They were pronounced dead later in the day. 

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