Two New UFO Anomalies Discovered on WikiSky (Video)

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Two new, bizarre discoveries were found on WikiSky by intrepid UFO hunter Rick Krejci, a diligent researcher with a real shot at having a heavenly object named after him, a first for web-based sky watchers.

The results, a “ring of fire” and a double-tailed comet, have been posted on a video to YouTube, along with co-ordinates, which should help to make independent corroboration easier, a crucial component for new discoveries.

Deep space sky watching is a relatively new hobby turning into a viable field of study now that online publishers, like Google Earth and now WikiSky, have made their results available for download to the general public.

It’s only a matter of time until hardworking and dedicated enthusiasts, like Krejci, who has his own channel on YouTube, appropriately enough called planetkrejci, are recognized by official organizations for the incredibly detailed contribution they are making to the real world of science.

In this instance, Krejci has found two never before seen UFO anomalies, a double-tailed comet and an astonishing ring of fire hovering in the cold voids of deep space. It’s quite an achievement.

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