Two Sets of UFOs Seen Flying Over Providence, Rhode Island

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It was a terrifying experience for a Rhode Island witness as he watched two sets of UFOs flying above I-95 one night around midnight.

While traveling west in the Interstate a Providence resident reportedly saw “two sets of three bright, white lights with two blue lights” moving over the highway.

According to the Examiner, the witness, like most people, first thought it was just street lights but then, to his horror, he realized that the lights were slowly moving!

He got a little closer when then the objects looked like they would soon be going directly over his car. As he passed underneath them he looked up and saw that there are two sets of lights. Three were bright, white lights with two blue lights offsetting the white ones. The flying crafts were silent with absolutely no sound and the lights were not blinking.

The witness stated, “I’ve never seen any light formations like this and moving so slowly. Gave me the chills.”

What makes this interesting is that other states around Rhode Island have witnesses reporting sightings of low flying crafts around the same time.

Rhode Island is a current Unidentified Flying Object 5 rating, with a low number of sightings nationally. Rhode Island had three reports of sightings in October 2012.

Many people wonder how much longer authorities can continue to tell witnesses that have seen UFOs that what they’ve really seen are weather balloons or lanterns floating in the skies. Maybe the governments of the world believe that the public wouldn’t be able to handle the truth and panic would break out. But treating citizens as if they are children is not the way to handle these sightings either. It’s time for the governments and the public to put on their big boy pants and treat the truth for what it is. If there really are aliens flying above us it’s time for people learn about it.

In the meantime keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.

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