Two (short!) Video Interviews with Teem Actors on iCarly

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A couple of years ago my daughters and I enjoyed a great family vacation (well, minus Dad) on the Nickelodeon Cruise. There were some actors and actresses on the cruise as well, and one of my daughters interviewed Nathan Kress from iCarly in this video. She was so excited! He’s a very friendly, nice young man. My other daughter also got to interview someone from iCarly (on Nickelodeon); actress Jeannette McCurdy is in this video interview. As a mother, I was so impressed with Nathan Kress and Jeannette McCurdy. Their poise and friendliness went a long way towards improving the reputation of teen actors! I recommend the Nickelodeon Cruise for anyone whose children are fans of Spongebob Squarepants too; he and Dora the Explorer were all over the ship. Cruise vacations aren’t for everyone, but if you like cruise travel, and you have kids, I’m sure the whole family would enjoy the Nickelodeon Cruise.

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