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I’m a big enough person to admit that I was wrong, wrong, wrong.  The two women that I thought would be competing against each other turned out to be the two that were sent packing. 


                I think this episode may have been one on my favorites of the season.  Knowing just a bit more than the average fabulous bear about the fashion world (but by no means am an insider) I think this episode was the closest to showing what real modeling involves.  It has been an advertising trend to make videos, in the vein of music videos, to show off a collection.  Really, it is a cheap form of advertising because all a fashion house has to do is post it on YouTube.  Lately, I have let my ‘Nigel is good looking, but isn’t a good photographer’ flag fly while complimenting Tyra for being able to take memorable pictures.  I really thought the video Tyra was shooting was going to be interesting, all of it except when the models said their names slow and creepy (I knew that was a losing cause) but it wasn’t that great.  It wasn’t hideous, but it wasn’t that fun to watch.  I was especially disappointed with how she reversed the film with the models flipping their hair back – it appeared too reminiscent of various horror films that have been made in the last decade. 


                Early in the episode the women were taken to meet none other than the editor of Vogue Italia, Fanca Sozzani who gave them each about five minutes of her time for them to introduce themselves and to let her look over their portfolio.  It was a challenge of course, and the winner was Chelsey, the only model who seems to have a working knowledge of the fashion industry and who’s who within it.  Before meeting with the esteemed editor, the girls were given lessons on how to sell themselves to potential clients and editors by making eye contact and being engaged in conversation.  I was happy to see Ann attempt to push through her awkwardness. 


            Since Chelsey was the winner she was able to choose a friend (Kayla) to go with her and Andre Leon Talley to see Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’.  Of course this left the other two girls, Ann who is interested in art, and Jane who is interested in history, stewing in their model apartment so Ann drew her version of the ‘Last Supper’ and stuck it on the wall with a pin.  The girls ate and drank vodka while their team mates lounged in a luxury 7 star hotel.  I thought Ann and Jane were cute in making the best out of a raw deal. 


           Although there hasn’t been too much tension between the models, there seemed to be some on the day of the shoot after the van picked up Ann and Jane from their apartment and Kayla and Chelsey from their fancy hotel.  Each group was trying to play off the other, but it didn’t last too long.  All four knew by then that two of them would be sent back to the states by the end of judges’ panel. 


            Chelsey is one of the finalists.  I know there are people rooting for her although I’m not one of them.  I think she was put on my poo list when she so willing went and had the gap in her two front teeth widen.  I think a young woman should think a few seconds before agreeing to something so drastic.  I also am not a fan of tattoos, which she seems to have quite a few.  I’ll also add that giving a model white blonde hair is usually a mistake since it looks great for up to two weeks, but then the roots start to show and if the woman keeps that hue (as in having her hair dyed every two weeks or so) she will eventually have to chop off her golden locks due to damage.  Lastly, since much ado has been made over the personalities of the models, I have to say that Chelsey’s personality is the one that I like least because she doesn’t seem to really give much to the audience in the form of intrigue.  Yes, she is from Idaho (or Iowa, I can never keep my eyes open when she is talking) and as she pointed out to Ann, her state of origin has even less fashion than the suburbs of Dallas, Texas where Ann grew to be so tall.  She has modeled in New York and L.A., but still hasn’t broken into the industry as she would have liked, which makes me wonder how she got on this show in the first place since I thought there were rules about girls being, for the most part, model virgins.  Can someone, please answer that one for me? 


           The thing in Chelsey’s corner is that she can walk, which will probably come in handy when she is strutting for the finale’s Roberto Cavalli show.  What she has against her is that she has never won best photo, she has won several challenges, important challenges in fact, but never best photo.






          Surprising me to no end, Jane was asked to leave, but not before Tyra told her that she thought she could make a lot of money modeling.  I thought Jane was very good in the commercial, plus I thought she was the only one of the group who could do both high fashion (editorial shots in ‘Vogue Italia’) with the girl next door face which falls more under the ‘Covergirl’ category.  They kept talking about how she wasn’t pushing through, but I thought she was the most interesting of the models, whereas I think Chelsey is the most boring.  Jane says that she will be graduating from Princeton, I hope she follows through.













           Kayla who has been winning top photo the last two weeks was also sent packing.  I liked Kayla, she was focused.  Tyra advised her to not only stick with modeling, but to enroll in acting classes.  Funny, how the first impression the show gave of her was a blonde mop top who couldn’t quite figure out which door to enter and leave from.  I thought she was very down to earth.  Her goal, besides escaping poverty, was to win for LGBT community.  I think she took some very dramatic pictures that one wouldn’t expect from her. 


I was also perplexed on one scene from this past episode where she says that all of her dresses weren’t fitting her so they kept giving them to Jane and Ann?  Ann is probably a negative 2 in dress sizes.  Out of all of the girls, and mind you they all have zero body fat, I thought Kayla looked the heaviest on film.  Anywho, I just made note of it while watching the episode.


         So if Jane and Kayla left that means…Ann is still in it to win it!  I swear, Ann has grown on me and I now feel protective of her.  I want her to win because I think she will be a great print model (God, I’m anxious about her runway walk) I also think that she is a great representative for gawky girls the world over who dream of being the ‘It’ girl, but don’t really know what to do being the ‘It’ girl after being proclaimed ‘It’.  She just saunters on as if everything in life is a surprise.  I really felt for her when she was talking how she didn’t have many friends and how the other kids would make fun of her (kids in Dallas suburbs are horrible humans).  I think she was more shocked than anyone that not only did she make it to the final two, but she was essentially the winner of the photo contest.  Who would have guessed? 


          Time will tell who is going to ‘Be On Top’.  Next week is a rehash of the season (the ‘Behind the Scenes’ episode) so I don’t know if I will blog about, heck, I don’t even know if I will write about it.


           Until later, happy modeling!  If you are interested in seeing past episodes, model portfolios, or anything else, check out the official website.  


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