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A story that’s painful

Of the love that’s pure.

All through my life

Never did I felt

Anything but doubt

If blessed or not

This life that I have

For the pain

That each day grows

Flows to my veins

To an unknown sadness

Never did I knew

That once in a lifetime

Life will show

As some strangers I know

Fill in the gap

That I’ve been dragging from.


Who is who?

Was it when I met Hanna

Who smiles the maze

Of a cave that’s untamed.

That I saw the light of

the Samsung delight


Or was it with Lou

who speaks none but fools

cruises of laughter she made

for heart that never learned to mend.


Or there was Jay

A song of a twang he plays

With the words that rarely be heard

That I saw the brook speaks of blade!



Or there was Erika

who knows not but “ering”

all her life is fun

fun at work, fun at love

fun at everything


Yet there was Nur

And all that’s many more

You see the bunch of clamor

From an unknown imitator.


Yes, there was Oshin

A blaze of darkness unseen

When the fools go round

She’ll show up the belly of fats!


For there was Meliza

The beauty of a timid sparrow

That builds the nest over the rainbow

Or like the lily

That speaks for the greater glory


For when there was Woo Sin

I saw, yes, but a song

Of Quiensera so long

But the opportunity he gave

Is a lifelong song of gratitude


And all of them

Whom I’ve met

In an unexpected time

Of an unexpected space.


For which I don’t know

But heart is so full

Of thanks uncontained

Don’t know if it’s my heart that’s out of space

Or just that my heart

Is small for a big hand of kisses

For all of these

No words can express

But a million thanks to you

My unexpected friends.


Just tell me more

I am blessed

Aren’t I?

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