Tyler Baltierra Heads Back to New Orleans

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Tyler Baltierra and fiancee Catelynn Lowell headed south earlier this summer where they lived while Tyler chased his dreams of acting. Now, it looks like this Teen Mom couple may be heading back to New Orleans so that Tyler can act some more!

“Can’t wait to go back to New Orleans to pursue & accomplish my childhood dream! Acting is the most artistic way 2 tell a story!#born4this,” he tweeted to fans over the weekend. There’s no word on an official date for his return yet, but this guy knows what he wants and he wants to strike while it’s hot, aka maximize on his current platform.

However, Tyler isn’t ready to give up his other career dreams. He’s playing it smart and if acting doesn’t pan out, he’ll have an education and career path to fall back on. “Everyone I am still continuing my passion 4 youth counseling, but it’s time 4 me to take this opportunity 2 pursue my dreams #YOLO!” he added.

This reality star has his head on straight for sure. Good for Tyler for pursuing his dreams while forming a back-up plan at the same time. Catelynn is a lucky girl!

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