Tyler Perry Believes Kim Kardashian Will Go Far as an Actress

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After filing for divorce, Kim Kardashian went straight back to work and started filming her part of Tyler Perry’s newest movie, The Marriage Counselor. While Kim’s acting hasn’t exactly earned her any type of award, Perry believes that Kim has what it takes to make it far as a serious actress and he stands behind his choice to hire her for the film.

“I wrote a role especially for her. It’s a small role that she does a great job with. And I’m excited about it,” Perry recently said in an interview. “I think it was a great experience for her and I think she was definitely supposed to be there.” And his positive words come after he saw Kim act as she was heartbroken and distraught. And if she was impressive then, imagine what she would be like without the heartbreak on her shoulders. Well, at least that’s what Perry wants you to imagine.

So is Kim Kardashian really ready to be an actress? And would she be so insensitive and take her sister Khloe’s dream away from her right under her nose? While Kim hasn’t expressed any interest in becoming a serious actress, Khloe is ready to take on any movie project she can get. But Perry is convinced Kim has what it takes. “It depends on the role and the amount of work that she’s willing to put into it. She certainly has what it takes to make it happen.”

And given Kim takes on anything and everything offered to her, don’t be too fast to judge.

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