TYPICAL GATHER POLITICAL RANT: Why do so many Conservatives have smelly feet ???

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Yesterday there was the amazingly silly Gather article that used a silly “real” newspaper article asking why Liberals Were So Condescending.  The actual article within the article went on to suggest that such accusations can go both ways


but some just showed up to the article because they wanted to point out that the article title was true … Their side of the political isle is so nice and the other is terrible – from their own experience (which must be mighty, and very diverse for such a polling sample they claim to observe from).

this comment over there was very very funny in its wild generalization:

“In my experience better educated liberals treat people badly, but not better educated conservatives. What’s sad is that liberals with their noses stuck in the air thinking they’re something special merely make themselves look like fools”


Since such broadly painted generalizations are dumb, since both sides instantly think of ways their side is nice and the other side is awful, I thought I’d just continue the sentiment with something equally silly …. WHY DO SO MANY CONSERVATIVES HAVE SMELLY FEET ??? !!!



p.s.  … was this condescending ???

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