Tyra Banks Turns Her Life into a Comedy Series

Tyra Banks is into just about everything—modeling, hosting, acting, singing, writing and now sitcom development. Banks is turning her life into a comedy for television.

The unlikely title for her series is Fivehead. It refers to Banks’ well-known high forehead. It’s an unusual title and one most people won’t, or won’t want to, get.

The supermodel’s been honest about her formative years, during which she was unmercifully teased. Now she wants to share her early pain in a humorous way.

Kenya Burris, who helped Tyra create America’s Next Top Model, will also be involved in the sitcom’s development. She says that watching the talk princess’s career has been fun and interesting. However, she believes the new series is a great story that deserves telling.

The will question is are people ready for more Tyra Banks? After all, she’s tried her hand at singing, with little success; writing, with not much better success; acting, with varying success; and talk show host, with a lot of success. So it’s anybody’s guess how well she’ll do with this new project. Fans will have to wait and see.

What’s your opinion? Will you tune in to get a glimpse of Tyra’s early life? Sound off below.

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