Tyshawn Taylor Suspended by Bill Self, Kansas Jayhawks’ Point Guard Violated Team Rules

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Tyshawn Taylor has been suspended by Kansas JayhawksÂ’ coach Bill Self for violating team rules. The suspension is indefinite and the violation was not specified but File:TyshawnTaylor.jpgTyshawn and Jayhawks fans were shocked by the announcement on Monday. What is even more surprising is that Taylor would be yanked out after being the starter on 26 or 27 games.

Hopefully, Bill Self will soon clarify how long Tyshawn will be suspended for. Although the reason for the suspension may be kept private, JayhawksÂ’ fans deserve to at least know how long one of the teamÂ’s starters will be gone. Several people are also speculating about whether or not Taylor will even be missed in the upcoming games.

What do you think about Tyshawn Taylor being suspended by Bill Self? Do you think that it will be detrimental not having him available for the next few games or do you think his presence would end up being a distraction to the other players?

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