U of M Sex Tape Mystery: Who is April Pratt?

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The University of Memphis has launched an investigation into the April Pratt sex tape mystery and it turns out the woman who started this viral video sensation, whoever she is, may just be a criminal mastermind. So far, U of M has come up empty handed.

The clues left behind, “April Pratt” wears a U of M sweater through most of the video–except for the segments where she’s wearing nothing at all–and she seems to be leaving a U of M building on campus at the end of the sex tape, are apparently all brilliant red herrings.

And a query of the faculty so far has produced no identifications from among the 20,000 plus student body. Plus, a search of the student rolls turns up no one with that name.

So who is April Pratt?

Does it matter? There’s a Twitter account listed for @RealAprilPratt on which she promises to reveal all (again) to the world on Friday.

And a guy who goes by the name of “DD The Kid” has been posting videos on YouTube acting as her, ahem, shall we say, “manager”?

So, it looks like the scheme worked like a charm.

U of M officials are even going so far as to say that the video may have been Photoshopped!

Stay tuned for an announcement from the real April Pratt some time Friday. It should be very interesting to say the least. And, there’s a new phrase in the lexicon, which perfectly describes this whole affair: nut bubbles!

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