U.S. Land Now Belongs to China

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Remeber when we built an Embassy in China. We just got enough land to build a small compound. In exchange Obama gave China acres of land in Nevada. Which is now Chinese land being enclosed by Chinese citizens. China now has their own air strip, etc. in China in Nevada. Remeber we owe China quite a bit of money.

Now, a Chinese Group plans to construct a 200 Acre “China City”  near the town of Milan, Michigan. “Sino-Michigan Properties LLC” has a plan to construct a “China City”. Basically a “Communist City” dropped right here 40 minutes from Detroit and Toledo. Filled with housing for Chinese citizens.


There are other links on this page to get the whole story. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Another Chinese Investment group is buying land near Toledo, Ohio.

Boise, Idaho 50 square acres, looks like china has a beachhead.

Sinomach is buying land in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

According tothis newsclip Communist China has been talking to Mexico on military cooperation.

We better wake up or the next war will be our backyard.

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