U.S. Smallest Town Has Population of One: Buford, Wyoming

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The smallest town in the U.S. has a population of just one. Where is this tiny burgh? The city that claims only one resident is called Buford, Wyoming. Pictures show that there used to be two people living there.

U.S. Smallest Town has Population of One: Buford, WyomingDon Salmon is the only person who lives in Buford. He runs the town’s grocery store, hardware store, gas station and liquor store. He lives in the only home. Now Salmon wants to retire.

Some people don’t think that a town with a population of only one person actually qualifies to be called a town. However, people driving through think it is. One tourist said, “In Wyoming, it’s almost a city.” Very funny joke, but it may have a bit of truth to it. It seems that the state may need this one-person town, which is the U.S.’s smallest, because it provides crucial supplies to people in the area or those who are traveling through.

Have you ever had the good (or bad) fortune of stopping in Buford, Wyoming? If so, did you get on well with Don Salmon? If not, you don’t have any other choices.

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