UC Berkeley Invents Mind Reading Machine Called ‘Natural Movies’ (Video)

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The future of mind reading is here. Scientists at Gallant Lab, UC Berkeley have created a computer program that can translate brain wave patterns into a moving image. They call it “Natural Movies.”

The images are the result of visual perception in subjects watching hours of YouTube videos. As their brains processed the stimulus sent by their eyes, an fMRi machine recorded brain activity and a computer program translated those signals into a fair representation of what was going through the subject’s mind.

The video below shows the mind reading results and there’s no denying that, although this technology is in its infancy, its future development should benefit a wide variety of human activities.

Debate about this technology centers on helping disabled people, but side benefits may help law enforcement and researchers studying dreams.

This is an amazing advance in mind reading technology. Prior successes with the concept of “recording” telepathy have been limited to static imagery. This is the first time a moving image generated by the human brain has been captured, encoded and reproduced electronically.

But there is a dark side.

The researchers responsible for this project were careful to include the following statement, buried at the bottom of the web page announcing their findings.

“It is possible that decoding brain activity could have serious ethical and privacy implications downstream in, say, the 30-year time frame. As an analogy, consider the current debates regarding availability of genetic information. Genetic sequencing is becoming cheaper by the year, and it will soon be possible for everyone to have their own genome sequenced. This raises many issues regarding privacy and the accessibility of individual genetic information. The authors believe strongly that no one should be subjected to any form of brain-reading process involuntarily, covertly, or without complete informed consent.”

Shades of Minority Report?

Here’s the video showing the amazing results of “natural movies”:

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