UFC 112 results: Anderson Silva UFC 112 video still a hot topic

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The UFC 112 results included a victory for Anderson Silva, but it quickly turned into a controversial one. And now the Anderson Silva UFC 112 video remains a hot topic in the blogosphere, as people are tuning in to see what angered UFC president Dana White enough to prompt a fourth-round departure.

White admitted he was “embarrassed” by Silva’s actions, which included several rounds of less than hard-nosed fighting tactics. Silva turned much of the match into something of a joke, and though he eventually earned the win he did so while frustrating White to the point of sparking a post-fight tirade.

White brought the subject up himself at the press conference, calling the match “a disgrace.” He said he was “blown away,” “disgusted” and “saddened” by the performance of Silva.

In the end, the ratings were no doubt good for the weekend event. And the internet is still buzzing about Silva’s performance. That, in and of itself, is essentially a win for the UFC.

Even if it didn’t go the way most would have expected.

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