UFC 127 Results: BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch Fight Video Surfaces Online

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Last night’s UFC 127 event went down in Sydney, Australia, with plenty of mixed martial arts action on the fight card. The BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch fight video has now surfaced online, giving fans a look at the main event of the night.


The fight video shows the tale of the tape between these two fighters, who appear almost evenly matched.  Fitch is a year older at 33, and has a 74″ reach compared to Penn’s 70″ reach.  Fitch is also 3″ taller at 6’0.  So how would this play into their highly-anticipated match?

The main event, seen on ESPN HD and Pay-Per-View, gets started with plenty of excitement around the octagon.  BJ goes for the early takedown against the cage walls.  The two fighters grapple and lock up a bit, with the commentators noting they didn’t expect BJ to go for the sort of tactic he did early on.  Perhaps BJ had a surprise strategy in mind?

There were three 5-minute rounds for the fight, and it went the distance.  Not only that but it was a draw!  These two guys gave it their all for the three rounds, but there was no clear winner, according to the judges.  This makes one wonder how it affected the major bets that took place prior to the UFC 127 fight.

ESPN says in their report after the fight, it was a “disappointing but just majority draw after three highly competitive rounds.” Fitch even said after the match, “I thought [I deserved the win].”

Meanwhile, BJ Penn said “If I lost this fight, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my career, but since the gods were nice to me and gave me a draw, if he wants to do it again, I’ll do it again.”

That may be good news for whichever UFC Pay-Per-View venue gets the sequel to this one.  It’s clear there is still a fight to be had and a winner to be declared!

Check out the BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch fight video below via YouTube.  What did you think of UFC 127, entertaining event or lackluster?

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