UFC 129 Odds & Predictions for Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields Fight

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Saturday night marks the historic UFC 129 event with the main fight of Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields. Fans are getting psyched for this major fight in the Octagon with the odds and predictions anticipating the winner.

When it comes to the GSP vs Jake Shields fighter comparison, both of these guys are impressive. They’re even in terms of their weight as of last report, and Shields enjoys a few inches height advantage over the champion. Georges St-Pierre has not lost since 2007, while Shields’ last loss came way back in 2004. However, St-Pierre is the champion and will be defending in his home territory. Something’s got to give on Saturday night when these two clash!

Georges St-Pierre appears to be the favorite in terms of UFC 129 odds. The odds makers have St-Pierre at -500, while Shields is +300. Obviously a bet for Shields is a risky move, but would pay off handsomely for those who take that risk. If Shields were to emerge victorious at Saturday’s UFC 129 card in Canada, bettors would be payed $3 for every dollar they put down on the 32-year-old MMA star.

In terms of fan predictions, a poll at UFC’s website has St-Pierre the clear favorite, by a voting total of 82% to 18% over Shields. It’s closer in terms of how they feel Georges St-Pierre will gain victory though. Right now, 27.1% of voters say by decision, while 26% of the voters feel St-Pierre wins due to the fight being stopped. A mere 18% feel he’ll win by knockout and just 10% say by submission. The favorite choice for victory by Shields is obvious, as he is considered a top notch submission specialist in MMA.

So as of right now it appears Georges St-Pierre is an obvious fan favorite. Even Shaquille O’Neal has made his vote for the champ on Twitter. However, Jake Shields would love to shock the world and defy the UFC 129 odds by delivering a surprise win at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Does he stand a chance?

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