UFO Accidentally Filmed over Iranian Mosque (Video)

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A Japanese tourist accidentally caught a UFO on video as it flew over an ancient mosque in Iran. What is it?

The tourist claims the unidentified flying object was not noticed until after the footage of a tour of the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque was reviewed later. Just a short clip of the original video was posted to YouTube, followed by an enhanced enlargement.

The object flying overhead is a disc-shaped craft, silver in color, with no wings and no navigational lights or identifying markings.

A tour guide can be heard telling the history of the ancient church and explaining its beautiful artwork and design. It certainly sounds as though no one on the tour was expecting to catch a UFO on video.

The OVNI is of a type being caught on tape more and more often. Could it be a secret military weapon or a new type of drone not revealed yet to the public?

The area is certainly a hotbed of air activity, but, obviously it cannot be any kind of new aircraft the United States is using. Perhaps Iran is developing a new system for aerial observation? A secret weapon?

If not, then what is it?

Here’s the video:

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