UFO Activity Increasing in Melbourne, Australia

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There has been a noticeable uptick in UFO encounters in Melbourne, Australia lately.

At the end of last month, some remarkable footage of a speeding craft was captured and uploaded onto the Internet. While the exact date of the video is not available, what you see will amaze you.

A blurry white light is seen streaking across the nighttime Melbourne sky, at a rate of speed so high, it is barely perceptible on film. You can view the footage here.

Also, on Friday, a woman named Angela reported the presence of a strange aerial craft above the city. A friend of hers photographed a helicopter checking out a UFO hovering in the sky right in broad daylight.

So, why have these inexplicable events been occurring so frequently in this city of four million people? After all, there were similar encounters there in April and May.

There are Navy and Air Force bases in the region, so that might explain some of the sightings. But some of these UFOs are obviously not conventional military aircraft. Hopefully, the Australian government will investigate these sightings thoroughly, but of course, the public will never learn the truth.

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