UFO Aliens vs Earth Like ‘Bambi Meeting Godzilla’ says Michio Kaku (Video)

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Famed theoretical physicist and UFO enthusiast Michio Kaku told CNN on Thursday he believes if Earthlings ever battle unfriendly aliens “it would be like Bambi meeting Godzilla.”

The comments came in a live interview for the program CNN Newsroom in response to the questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life and what may be behind the explosion of unidentified flying object sightings around the world.

Kaku, a respected scientist, is never afraid of speaking his mind and clearly believes there’s more to the story than secret aircraft, swamp gas or misidentified heavenly bodies.

He also likes to think that if aliens are behind the increase in documented UFO activity, their motives are benevolent. Using some very interesting analogies, the optimistic futurist likens aliens discovering Humanity to humans stumbling across an ant hill. When’s the last time scientists offered an ant colony nuclear technology?

Basically, he seems to think the bemused aliens are more likely to move along. Very interesting.

Here’s the video:

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