UFO and Ghost Sightings Haunt Denbigh Town, North Wales (Video)

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It seems the ancient, rural village of Denbigh Town, in North Wales, UK, is a hotspot for paranormal activity, boasting both UFO and ghost sightings hovering over the countryside and lurking among the ruins. Can it be true?

In the YouTube video below, an unidentified resident of the town has photographed several instances of both apparitions haunting ancient ruins and unidentified flying objects floating in the sky.

The video ends with footage of a strange object hovering over a hillside, flashing lights and obviously not any kind of known aircraft. One still photo shows a traditional flying saucer-type UFO caught over a battered castle.

The ghost pictures are enhanced by their surroundings, spooky enough on their own without spirits inhabiting them, unwilling or unable to cross over to the other side.

The video is set to appropriately haunting music, and it all adds up to paranormal activity which is hard to explain.

Have a look:

What do you think? Is Denbigh the habitat of both Earth-bound ghosts and gravity defying UFOs?

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