UFO Caught on Sunday Night Football! (Video)

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A viewer watching Sunday Night Football on October 23, 2011 is claiming to have video evidence of a UFO streaking across the sky as the announcers describe the setting for the game as it was being played.

The clip, seen in real time, reveals only a streak of light flashing across the sky. But freeze framing the clip definitely shows some kind of aircraft, with multiple flashing lights and a spherical shape, as it whizzes by at extremely fast speed.

The object is clearly not a meteor as its trajectory swoops, first straight to the ground, then angling back up into the sky. The stop-motion framing clearly shows a controlled flight of an aircraft, but it’s not easy to identify it as any known kind.

Here is the video clip. As the announcers set the scene between the Colts and Saints on a beautifully clear evening in New Orleans, the camera is trained on the sky just over the stadium. The object whizzes past without being noticed by the TV crew.

At one minute in to the clip, this viewer, calling himself reedickyaluss, freeze frames the video at several points in its progress and one frame clearly shows an unusual aircraft with flashing lights.

What do you think? Is this a UFO, or just a known type of aircraft?

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