UFO Central? Uri Geller Says ‘Yes!’

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Uri Geller, the famous Israeli psychic who bought a remote island in Scotland because of a “connection” to the Egyptian pyramids, now says it’s really a hotbed of UFO activity on Earth.

Geller, who bought the uninhabited Lamb Island in Scotland’s Firth of Forth chain three years ago, is most famous for his astonishing mental abilities, including bending metal objects, like spoons, with just the power of his mind.

The 65-year-old celebrity psychic is on a different mission now. Geller announced he’s hoping that cameras set up to record exotic wildlife by the Scottish Seabird Centre on Lamb Island can also be used to catch images of the UFO activity other nearby residents say happens regularly over its skies.

“Locals have told me they have seen strange objects moving above it. I can’t believe it would be an aircraft or a balloon, and they have assured me it is not either of those,” says Geller.

Considering his track record of displaying either true psychic ability or a genius for self-promotion, chasing unidentified flying objects may be a brilliant career move.

“I know some people don’t believe in UFOs, but there’s many people who don’t believe in my mental powers either.”

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