UFO Decloaks Near the ISS (Video)

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An amazing UFO video has been posted to YouTube showing a mysterious object suddenly appearing near the International Space Station. What is it?

The video, published by intrepid paranormal investigator WowForReeel, shows a clip from the public NASA camera feed constantly trained on the ISS. Sharp-eyed observers often pore over the feed and have captured some incredible, unexplained images.

In this one, a massive, solid object suddenly materializes nearby the station. Commenters on the channel speculate it is a wisp of smoke. Is there something burning in space? The unidentified flying object is not wispy, but, rather, appears to have a bulky top attached to several spindly legs streaming away from its center.

The UFO is of a type never seen before and is obviously not attached in any way to the ISS. It just floats in space.


The video does not include any description of what the object might be, leaving that up to the viewer. It’s not like any object ever seen before and is obviously not a spacecraft known to have been built by NASA.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video:

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