UFO Filmed Over Naha, Japan: What Is It? (Video)

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A UFO was filmed over Naha, Japan on Tuesday, and considering it was daytime without a cloud in the sky, it’s hard to explain just what it was.

The video was shot from a monorail platform high above the rooftops on a cloudless day in Naha. The unidentified flying object is fairly far away and difficult to see clearly. But it’s obviously not any kind of known conventional aircraft.

The UFO is spinning but doesn’t appear to be circular. It seems to be silvery and even looks a bit rectangular. There doesn’t seem to be any identifiable engine sound, but it’s probably too far away for that.

The weird thing is that the OVNI is spinning erratically and gaining and losing altitude very quickly. Whatever it is, it’s not very aerodynamic.

The passengers at the monorail station seem to be going on about their business with station announcements being made routinely throughout the duration of the video. Luckily, the camera is of high quality, so it’s able to pick up the UFO just enough to make this video unexplainable.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Is this a UFO? Or can it be explained another way?

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