UFO Flies Into Volcano Popocatepetl (Video)

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A surveillance camera pointed at the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico seems to show a UFO flying straight into its mouth. What is it?

The video below is in black and white and looks as though it is capturing a night scene. The segment is of the time-lapse variety and the unidentified flying object is an orb of white light, traveling in a straight line. The smoke emitting from the volcano obscures the actual entry of the unidentified flying object into the volcano cone, if indeed that is what it is doing.

It’s possible that this object is actually flying past, but there has been a lot of UFO activity in the region lately, with other videos purporting to show that the Popocatepetl volcano is some kind of “home base” for alien spacecraft.

With all the increased activity in the skies lately, it’s no wonder paranormal investigators are keeping a sharp eye on webcams all around the world. Just like in this case, one never knows what will be caught on tape.

Here’s the video:

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