UFO Flies Over Japan During the Day; Flight Caught on Video

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A day time video of a UFO flying over Tokyo has bewildered and shocked the people of Japan. It was shot by a city worker earlier in September.

Forget shining orange lights brightening up the dark night skies, this video was taken during the day and it’s easy to see the saucer as it flies over buildings.

Researchers are studying the footage to figure out how real it is. Some think that the film does show an unidentified flying object but others aren’t as convinced.

The witness who took the footage hasn’t come forward and there’s no word if anyone else saw the space craft according to All News Web.

This recent sighting is not the first one in Japan. Throughout the years many flying saucers have been seen and reported to the proper authorities. Some researchers have said that a leaked Japanese government document concedes that thousands of possible alien crafts have been spotted across the nation. Authorities claim that they are powerless to stop extraterrestrial visits to the area. In 2011, Japanese officials have received over two thousand reports of possible alien space crafts.

If Japan alone has received thousands of reports of flying objects, just imagine how many reports have been documented all over the world.

Is something going on in the solar system that might cause world governments to prepare for something as minor as just an alien visit or something as major as a possible invasion? Japan admitted that they’re powerless to stop the space crafts. One can only hope that some kind of precaution is being taken on a world-wide basis.

Take a look at the Japanese video and decide for yourself. Is it a real UFO?

Keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.

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